Additive Manufacturing technology and applicability is moving at a continuous rate with little sign of a slow-down. The maturing of the technology suggesting it will be ‘the’ future manufacturing process is ever increasingly a reality. With potentially no boundaries to industry or application, the time to start future-proofing is now.

At meltd3d, our experience, engineering credentials and resources can help you achieve production readiness through accelerated product development, while also achieving significant timeframe and cost reductions compared to other methods.

The Additive Manufacturing process bypasses traditional manufacturing and strategic sourcing procedures whereby high tooling costs, long lead-times, expensive and lengthy turn-backs can be mitigated.

Whether in production or development, CAD and Additive Manufacture combined allows products to be available within weeks not months. Iterations and modifications can be efficiently incorporated with minimal impact.

We want to be part of your Additive Manufacture by working together as a partnership. We can dedicate machines or even cells for your requirements.

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