There is a vast array of materials available for polymer Additive Manufacture. At meltd3d we only use trusted materials direct from the manufacturer or their approved reseller.

We test every material type and variant before it makes it to a customer’s job. meltd3d has made a significant investment in ensuring we know what the end result will be to ensure we are internally efficient but equally to ensure your lead-time and product quality is secure.

Here you will find all the materials available with the manufacturers’ data sheets to help you select the appropriate material for your application.

For each technology,  from the drop down you will find each material listed under ‘general’ and ‘engineering’ to aid your navigation and selection or click here:

SLA Material DataFFF Material DataCFF Material Data

If you require any assistance in shortlisting materials, we are more than happy to help by calling or email us with your query – please include your the components intended application and environment along with any mechanical requirements and we’ll provide a short list of applicable materials. If there are colour choices, we’ll advise the range for you to decide.

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