Home to meltd3d is the Lichfield Businmeltd3d-avataress Village within Staffordshire University’s Lichfield Campus.

A trading name of Mackart Engineering Ltd., meltd3d was formed in 2016 by owner and director Steven McCarthy in pursuit of his passion for engineering and in recognition of the fantastic manufacturing opportunities and future potential of Additive Manufacture.

With industrial engineering experience embedded in the aerospace industry, since 1999 Steven has been privileged to hold several high-profile roles over the years…

“Expertise isn’t something you gain overnight. It takes years of learning and development, exposure to problems and how to solve them, as well as passion to achieve. Even then, there are always new challenges, problems, concepts and ideas to explore and solve. The learning never ends.

“Since starting out as a graduate mechanical design engineer in 1999, I have been lucky enough to work on some fantastic projects.

“During a career spanning almost 20 years, meltd3d now combines the professional engineering know-how I have acquired along the way with an ambition to explore and realise the exciting future possibilities of Additive Manufacture and 3D printing for engineering applications.

“As such, we’re working hard to be the best in our field, having invested heavily in making sure we understand the Additive Manufacturing process from start to finish.

“Believe it or not, achieving a successful print it isn’t always as straight forward as you might think. Add to this the need for components to be functional, strong and produced to the highest standards expected of prototype or fully finished parts, then engineering and process know-how is everything.

“Throughout the project’s lifecycle, meltd3d keeps end production methods in mind, delivering both form and function – whether it’s an in-house design to meet a specific requirement or optimised in consultation and partnership with our customers.

“meltd3d is formed on a pedigree of aerospace component and system design, and these factors form the foundation and DNA of our way of working.

Steven McCarthy

Founding Director and Principal Technical Engineer meltd3d